Thursday, January 14, 2016

My new years eve

On new years eve around 5ish my cousins came. We talked and hung around for a while. My cousin and I played a star wars game. Around seven we headed to the mandarin buffet. I got sushi, chicken, potatoes and some other stuff. I ate around 8 plates of food then we headed home for the 12.00 party. When we got home we invited John and my sisters friend Haley and John's parents and grandparents and my haley's parents we all got out party hats and stuff and waited for midnight. When it came we all screamed and had a ton of fun. Afterwards Johns parents  left pretty quick he stayed for a while though with haley. So me and my cousins went down stairs to sleep and watch a movie.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Thanksgiving Weekend

On thanksgiving weekend I went to a concert. The band was called Marianas Trench. Personally there ok but there not my favourite band. So we left on Friday around 3.00 for the concert but since the concert is at a fair two hours away we stayed at a hotel for two nights. So when we got to the hotel there was a coffee machine which was complementary so that was nice. So when we to our room we had a very quick dinner of scotch eggs. When we got there we parked and got our tickets approved. Once we got them approved we sat down and waited half and hour for it to start. When  it finally started we all jumped up. They played all of the songs I wanted except one heres to the zeros but they played stutter so its all okay. After the concert we went to the car and got lost trying to get back but we found are way back to the hotel and slept.

When I woke up I went and got breakfast. I got fruit salad, eggs, sausage and a HUGE waffle. I also had a decaf coffee and orange juice. After breakfast I went to the gym and worked out for half an hour. After the workout I got another cup of coffee and we left for the fair. the fair was fun when we got there I went to the bathroom and went into a building. The building was all about farming there was 3000 pound pumpkins to tiny little carrots. after that we went to a horse show and I got some food. I got a pulled pork poutine. We were at the horse show for a while. we watched the horse show for most of the day. after a bit more exploring we left the fair and went back to the hotel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

my 5 sos concert

On August 25th I went to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert with my older sister, Sarah,  and my cousin. We left around 3 pm for the Molson Amphitheatre. We got there 8 hours early because we were going to hang out in Ontario Place. When we got there we realized that the Ontario Place has been closed for 5 years so we wandered the town park that was next to it. There was also a dog park close by yay! Then I got some food at a street meat vendor as we waited for my cousin to come. When she came my parents left us and we wandered the Harbour Front. After about one hour we got hungry and went to the same street meat vendor for food. I got a sausage and my sister and cousin got a poutine. As we ate we listened to 5 SoS on her iPod. After we ate we left to go into Molson Amphitheatre. When we got there we realized that there was a line up to get there! 16.000 people were in that line up, no kidding. After we walked 5 min just to get to the back of the line up, it only took 20 min to get in because it moved pretty fast. When we got in I had to throw out my Gatorade, so sad *sniff. As we went in I had to go to the washroom so I found one but there was so many girls there that there were girls in the boys washroom! So I had to find another one, ugh! When we had all gone to the washroom we went into the theatre and got our seats. They were really good. Almost as we got in the theatre the pre band started, they were called Hey Violet. They were ok but then the real band came on we all stood up. They played music for about 2 hours and they played my 3 favourite songs American Idiot, She Looks So Perfect and Don't Stop. There were huge bright lights and it was so loud my ears were ringing for days after. After the concert we left the theatre and our parents picked us up. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!            

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cuba trip post 3

For my last few days we did some cool stuff. I saw a magic show the guy on stage was going crazy! I also went a a boat ride to snorkel and eat lunch on the beach. we also played a lot of pool I beat dad twice and my mom once at pool. That probably tells you how much I played. On Sunday my sisters, mom and grandma all went to Havana so I and my dad stayed home. We played a ton of pool which was a ton of fun. My dad was sore and tired because he got food poisoning so he missed the french restaurant bummer. I had at the chocolate lobster salad roast duck and chocolate raspberry cheese cake it was amazing but my dad was not there so it was a bit sad :( I also went to a Japanese restaurant the food was ok but he cooked it in front of us which was cool. on Monday we left Cuba :(  the trip back was easy which was nice. we were only in the Cuban airport for like one hour witch was really nice because the trip up was CRAZY LONG long ugh so annoying  but the trip back home was ok it only took four and a half hours lol I slept a ton on the plane. When we got back I fell asleep as I fell on my bed.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Cuba trip post 2

 On my first day in Cuba we checked out things. I realized that there was a pool table so I wanted to play that. We had breakfast at the main buffet but I didn't know what most of the stuff is so I had bacon, eggs and toast. After that I saw a lizard about seven inches long I walked next to it and it ran away when it ran its tail curled up so I named those lizards Curly. After I saw the lizard I changed into my swim suit and slathered up in sun screen. After the sunscreen soaked in I went into the pool. The pool was awesome it made a ring around a huge rock that had a jacuzzi tug at the top. It had a swim up bar and a water fall that you could go behind. I must have used the swim up bar 50 times. after I swam forever we had lunch at beach side barbecue had a burger, fries and a diet coke. After that me and my 15 year old sister got some ice cream. After that I slathered up in sun screen again. Then I went in the pool some more.After that I needed to get out of the sun for a while so I went to my room. I fell asleep for about and hour and a half. After that we had dinner at the main buffet again.When we finished dinner we just hanged out at the main bar. My parents and grandma ordered some drinks I had a diet coke My dad ordered something I liked a lime daiquiri I sipped it a bit. Then me and my sister played some giant chess. She won of course then I went to bed.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cuba trip post 1

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit I have been in CUBA. Cuba is a tropical island near florida. Because I was there for a week so I have to tell you about it a day at a time starting with Monday.
    On Monday we left at 12.00 am. At 12.00 we got in the car to the airport parking. Then we parked are car and waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the airport. When we got to the air port we got in line to get are Boarding passes. Oh I forgot to say this we had to get to the airport 3 hours early yikes. Getting are Boarding passes took about 30 min after that we went in line to check in out luggage but we got there to early so we waited on chairs for 45 min *yawn. After the 45 min wait we got in line to finally get out stuff checked in. After we got our stuff checked in we headed to security. We got in the security line and waited for about 13 min when we got to security I only had to take of my glasses and hoodie which was nice. After security we waited for 2 HOURS for our plane to Arrive ugh. When the plane came we realized we were at the wrong gate yikes!. So we hurried to our gate and got in line to board the plane. When we got in the plane it was about 5 min before it took off. About half way through we got our plane food. The choices were ham sandwich or cheese pizza. I chose the cheese pizza MISTAKKEEE. It was so gross. When we landed I was so tired I felt like jelly. Waiting in line at the second air port. My sisters later told me I turned white I was so tired. After we got through security and got our luggage we got on another shuttle bus to our resort. At the resort the first thing we did was eat many burgers and plates of fries.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Medieval Times

On May 29th I went to the awesome place called Medieval Times. Medieval Times in a place that feeds you a ton of food while you watch knights fight. What happened first is I got to my youth group which car pooled up to Medieval Times. When we first got there they gave us out first course, tomato soup. I know that does not sound that cool but that's because you haven't had it. The big arena was chopped into 6 sections one for each knight. There was the yellow knight whose symbol was the wolf, the blue knight whose symbol was a spade, a red and yellow knight whose symbol was a two headed bird, a black and white knight whose symbol was black and white stripes, a red knight whose symbol was a lion and a green knight whose symbol was a falcon. My knight was the green one. After the soup they gave us garlic bread and a drink, we could have water, Seven Up or Pepsi. I had the Pepsi. After that the king came out and said that the games will start very soon. Then the knights came out with there squires. After a lot of trumpets and cheers and the games begun. First some horses with men came out and did some tricks like standing on 2 legs walking in place and other things like that. After that the king's head guards came out. They did a little march and stuff. Then the knights came out again and did the first game. Oh I forgot to tell you that you eat all this food with your hands, no cutlery at all. The first game was when all the knights got large sticks and charged at a target. As they charged they stabbed the stick into the target at full speed. After that they did a race. The race was ok I guess, not the most exciting, well the winner for that was the red knight. After that was the jousting, first the black and white knight vs the red and yellow knight. Then was the yellow vs the blue, the yellow won. Then the red and yellow knight and the yellow knight faced each other and the red and yellow knight won. Then the green knight faced the red knight and the red knight won. Then the red and yellow knight faced the red knight and the red and yellow knight won. Then the evil king came out so the red and yellow knight fought him until the red and yellow knight won.